Why Not Go to the Massage Franchise?

I am not a walk-in massage franchise.  So if you have an "all massages are the same" mentality, then I am not the place for you.  I try to accommodate your schedule and if you are injured I will rearrange my schedule to fit you in the same day.  I do prefer advanced notice and as such have an online booking system.

Certainly there is a place for massage franchises, but the cost should not be the only factor. Why you say?  Why should I come to you vs. my super cheap massage with a franchise?  

1.  The Old Bait and Switch 
       -After the introductory rate what is the real cost?  Most chains currently range from $75 to $100 for 50 minutes. EVERYTHING else is an add on.  Aromatherapy, heat, stones, etc. are all added on top of the base price.  The other part of bringing you in on an introductory rate is the after massage sales manager works to get a contract signed for monthly billing. The idea is to tie you into a contract that can only be canceled in writing. Then there is the tipping, and these girls survive on your tips.  I appreciate your tips very much if you want to add that on, but I also have priced my services to reflect the cost of doing business.
2.  Overworked+Underpaid=(Sometimes)I don't care attitude.
       -There are some great therapists at these franchises...the problem is they are worked in a way that often drains their capacity to pour their caring natures into their clients.  Why? What don't they want you to know?  The average per massage rate that a therapist gets from one of these franchises is $22 per massage.  You might think, "wow what a great hourly rate!" but what you might not be considering is that massage is manual labor.  This is not a 40 hour work week. No scheduled clients=minimum wage. or no salary at all.   The average burn out rate for a massage therapist is now 3 years (possibly related to working more hours than a therapist's body can handle)

3.  One last note on Human Trafficking/Non-licensed therapists - The Franchises DO follow the law and DO hire NY state licensed therapists.  BUT- That craigslist ad that says masseuse, the business that is open from 9am-11pm/7days a week, that Nail Salon/spa that says "back rubs""A Asian bodywork"or"full service" often have non-licensed, non-insured therapists.  If you are getting a massage for $30 cash consider that there may be a business license but no massage license. In NY State, massage therapists spend over $20K for their education, take classes in anatomy/physiology, kinesiology, pathology, ethics as well as required work in a clinic before graduating.  Liability insurance, continuing education and conforming to HIPPA laws are required.   *Please look for a license displayed on the wall of your therapists office.  A nail technician is only allowed to massage hands and feet.  As far as human trafficking goes...consider that as a user of these sexual/or non-sexual forced labor situations - you are providing the demand in a business that will surpass the drug trade in less than 5 years.  It is a sad fact that can only grow when we don't value other humans.

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