Seminars and Couples Instruction

Prelude to a Kiss...

2 1/2 hour instruction for couples to learn basic relaxation/massage techniques and want to do something that will help them grow together.  Has your significant other come home from work stressed, tired or just not in the mood?  We all have.  Getting a massage 2 times a week isn't always feasible, but learning how to relax eachother through breathing and massage strokes can be a welcome new skill for wellbeing and intimacy.

Instruction includes consultation focusing on what each of you want to get out of the seminar. 20 minute overview of simple breathing techniques, relaxation and destressing massage strokes, and the benefits of massage. 25 minute professional massage for her followed by 25 minute hands on instruction for him. 25 minute professional massage for him followed by 25 minute hands on instruction for her. Q and A and a parting gift of chocolate massage oil for your next tete-a-tete. 

$300 in Huntington office.

$500 on-site at your home. 

 **This class is for personal recreational use only.  It is not intended for medical use and does not make any health claims .  Professional massage can only be given by a NY State licensed professional.  


Check back for group seminars in the future...

GO WITH THE FLOW! A new way to look at Womanhood.

1.5 hour group informational seminar for women that will change how you look at your menses.  Discuss PMS, perimenopause and menopause.  Focused ideas for both nutritional strategies and self-care strategies to "go with the flow" and manage each month with acceptance of the goddess you are without the stigma that men and we put on ourselves.


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