Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

In a treatment you can expect to get a combination of modalities based on what you need. Below is a list of all the modalities I can call upon to help your body heal itself. 

All treatments include choice of oil, aroma, and music with no additional charge. Don't see what you were looking for...give me a call.  I can adjust the treatment to suit you and your time constraints.

Medical Massage

40/60/90 minute treatments - subject to doctors referral for No Fault - chronic conditions will include a treatment plan and agreed upon appointments and fees.                

  Swedish Massage

Classic European technique of manipulating muscles with aromatic oils can be relaxing or invigorating.  This massage can help improve the function of lymphatic, circulatory, muscular and neurological systems.                 

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow relaxing strokes working the deep layers of muscles without any discomfort associated with "deep tissue" massage you have experienced in the past.   


Vishesh means special.  It is a special massage where both the flow and the use of essential oils are chosen according to your dosha (or ayurvedic constitution) using warmed oil and firm invigorating pressure.  Stimulates lymphatic flow - essential therapeutic approach when channels are blocked and neither awareness nor blood can access our tissues. 


Deeply relaxing treatment of warm herbalized oil poured over the forehead.  This profound treatment synchronizes brain waves, enhances circulation to the brain, improves memory, noursihes hair and scalp and releases tension.  Calms the mind, body and spirit!

Heated Bamboo Massage

Form of a deep tissue massage, but can be customized to light relaxing massage as well, utilizing moist heat on bamboo.  Luxurious treatment with even pressure and heat penetrating your deepest muscle layers.  

 Raindrop Therapy

Ritual treatment starting with a series of essential oils rubbed in to reflex points on feet, followed by a feeling of raindrops along your spine with a very light massage.  Relaxing heated towel.  Ending with a face and neck massage focusing energy on breathing techniques.  Treat yourself!

*Please note this is not a full body massage, only feet/back/neck. I do not apply essential oils on back without first applying light carrier oil.  Oils can be adjusted based on clients needs and sensitivities.

On Site "Ten Minute Tune-Up"

On site corporate chair massage therapy program is easy, fast and a relatively inexpensive way to show your employees you value them.  It promotes health, prevents injury, and reduces stress for employees. Employer benefits include reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, less stress and ergonomically related injuries.  

For events or as part of a wellness program.  Price based on event.  Call for details.      




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